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Dr. Sarah Ecker

I help Health & Wellness Businesses attract marginalized people and communities who need them the most through content that is accurate, engaging, and inclusive. 
Words matter.  Is your business using the right ones


A La Carte Content.

I know who my Dream Client is...bring them to me!

Do you know EXACTLY whom you want to serve? Were you and your business meant to take a special group of people to the next level of living healthy and well? What a revelation, right? Now, you have a vital task before you: how do you make sure these special groups find you? How do you guarantee that YOU/YOUR BUSINESS is the "go-to" for this demographic? Well, you need to speak to these potential clients so that they hear you loud and clear! How? I know this is sounding redundant by gotta use the RIGHT WORDS! Do you know how to find these folks (with your words)? Do you know what speaks to them and what their goals are? What they're afraid of? What's always kept them away from your services?... Until now...until they see your content (which resonates with them) and are ecstatic to see a business that offers them a safe space to achieve their goals?! BOOM! Let's make sure each piece of content they see from here on out CONFIRMS just that: 1) they are in the right place and 2) they are most definitely going to tell their community about it too. A consistent message is key in establishing this trust. Let me help you get some foundational blogs, marketing emails, ads, and website content in the right place at the right time (and yes..with the right words). *********************************** Please refer to Services drop-down menu for details. (Cost is Project-Based. Let's talk.)


Content Makeover.

Lookin Goood. I just need to Freshen Up.

Are you in love with your content? Did you spend hours curating or even writing it yourself?...getting it "just- so"...deliberately...right? More importantly, is it working for your business? Are you seeing your dream clients walk through the door day after day? If so, congrats! That is awesome! I know first-hand what a labor of love it can be to get your website, emails, newsletters, client intake/info sheets, social media posts, blogs, etc., looking shiny and irresistible! Still...are you worried that perhaps you could be excluding some folks? Does your language attract some, but unknowingly repel others? Have you laid down the ol' welcome mat for the people you're hoping to reach most? Does it reflect you and your business's values and approach? Maybe you just need a once or twice-over on the awesome treasure trove of content you already have to ensure you're reeling in an endless supply of amazing clients. A few language changes here...a couple of engagement strategies there...all while respecting exactly what your Brand stands for. Sound good? Let's freshen up! *********************************** Please refer to Services drop-down menu for details. (Cost is Project-Based. Let's talk.)


Do it for Me.  Please.

I Want the Right Words! Everywhere!  Can you just do it for me? Please?

I know WHOM I want to attract (or maybe I'm still working on this). I certainly know that I do NOT want to offend or repel any potential clients who have been otherwise left behind. I'm here to help and I'm awesome at what I do. But gosh, I hate the writing stuff! I need content, I need it to speak to my people, I need it to reflect my Brand. Let me share my goals and hire you to do the rest as my business and clients' needs evolve. *********************************** Please see Services drop down menu for details. (This is a retainer-based partnership.  You can relax, I got you.)


Be My Consultant.

Business is fluid.  I want to make sure we're nailing Client Access from all angles, all the time.

You're an established business who is DEDICATED to serving your dream clients. They NEED you-- heck, their lives may even depend on it. You need to make sure that you're honoring this trusted relationship with every fabric of your business's being. Each and every communication platform MUST honor this dream client utopia you've created (or are creating). You need a partner who is willing to listen to and understand your goals, your voice, your values...and not only come up with customized, engaging, inclusive content-- but be a sounding board and idea churner for new ways to speak to your existing and future clients. Needs evolve. Let's make sure you and your clients continue to thrive through all the hills and valleys of your business's journey. *********************************** Please see Services drop-down menu for details. (This is a retainer-based partnership.  You can relax, I got you.)

My Approach

I approach everything I'm passionate about like I approached "training for the Olympics" in the second grade.  I wasn't allowed to use my dad's dumbbells yet, but I did sneak them under my bed so that after I was tucked in and the lights were're damn right...I rolled 'em out from under monster territory and churned out a few sets each and every night.  My will is strong!  

And another thing.  I work with good people who do the right thing when no one is looking...for folks who truly care about others and about making life better for others.  No BS, no fake DE&I "initiatives" with zero follow-through on ACTION, no chest-puffing, no ego-driven saviorism.  I want to be there for you and for your business (a.k.a., your clients!). 

I want the absolute best for both. 

You can expect the Golden Rule even on my worst days, gushing admiration for what you do, clear and constant communication...and plenty of dad jokes (sorry, I really cannot help this, I've tried).   I want to be your partner.  I want to learn from you and hopefully vice-versa.  I want to see what you see and climb alongside whatever peak lies before you.  I'm not a generic contractor you'll never meet.  I'm your teammate. 

Let's get to work!   

About me

Learning addict.

Half bleeding heart, half Bulldog.

Science nerd.

Underdog ally.

Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Women's Health/Pelvic Health/LGBTQ+ Health Ace.

Forever athlete.

Written Word Obsessor.


Brené Brown.



My family. 

Strong coffee.

Birds in the AM,

Crickets in the PM.

Baseball on the radio,

Hoops in the driveway.

Where is the best BBQ, bourbon.

Daily tacos.

Laughing until other bodily systems fail.

What keeps me up at night? Knowing that people are suffering and figuring out how best to help.

How Can I Help?

With dual backgrounds in writing/editing and medical well as being a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know how vital it is to feel safe, welcomed, and part of a community that accepts me when it comes to matters of my body.  Whether it's finding a fitness community or an acupuncturist, a fertility clinic or a primary care provider, a personal trainer or a dentist...I want to know that those with whom I am sharing my health history, my health needs, and future personal goals have got my back.  They don't just "tolerate" my existence, but they care deeply about (and may even have advanced training in) the unique issues that affect people like me.   And I KNOW that from the start of searching for a particular professional or clinic ...

BECAUSE ALL OF THEIR CONTENT SAYS SO!  Not just the flippant use of a blank space for "partner" or "pronouns" on the new client info sheet...but ACTUAL WORDS which say, 

"I know who you are.  I see you.  And it would be an honor to serve you."  


Being "different" is hard but awesome.  So many talented professionals honor and respect all of the beautiful intersections of humanity.   

If that's you, let's make sure that the people who need you most can find you.

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