Finally. A place where YOU can TAKE PRIDE in getting rid of pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, and bowel and bladder problems...

without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

Affirming gender and sexually diverse individuals, abuse and trauma survivors.



How I can help...

You* have a story.

It's unique, it's yours, and in order to truly assist you with whatever physical problems you have, I've gotta hear it.  I want to hear it.  Welcome to the best set of ears with a doctorate degree you've ever met.  You belong here. 

You* have pain "down there" (or elsewhere).

So let's get to it..."pelvic pain" can mean a bunch of things: pain in the genitals, anus/rectum, hips, back, tailbone, pubic bones, abdomen. It could happen after surgery, childbirth, or some other could happen over time or for an unclear reason.  There are a bunch of fancy diagnostic terms for the myriad pain types, but let's be real. It's messing with your life and we need to manage it.  If you want to keep medications, surgeries and weird topical creams away from your body, you belong here. On the other hand, if you've already tried all the medications, surgeries and weird topical creams...and the pain definitely belong here.

You've* got leakage.

...if the bathroom is the first room you locate in any building you walk into...if you don't leave the house without an extra pad...if you carry spare changes of underwear or Depends in your day bag and special fragrant sprays to deter from unwanted accidental leaks...if you skip the WODs that have belong here. Urinary and fecal leakage happen at any age to any gender, but they don't have to keep happening.  Let's figure this out and get you back to being present for the things you love doing.

You* want to STAY fit, GET fit, or RETURN to fitness (without fear of injury).

Maybe you've just had a surgery that finally affirms exactly who you are and you want to rock that bod without pain or restraint. Maybe you've never felt comfortable with even the thought of exercise before. Maybe you're a new mom who had a traumatic delivery who wants to get back to being an athlete.  Maybe you're an athlete who has had some setbacks...and surgery, injections, or rest are not your cups of tea.  Maybe you've heard that exercise can manage your anxiety and depression (it can!) but you don't know where to start.  You belong here! 

*YOU means YOU. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, however you identify, whatever you want to talk about, you're safe here.  There is no cookbook for what you're struggling with. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy to ease your pain.  Yes...what I do involves science. Lot's of science. And lots of scientific evidence. But what you do is allow me to see YOU so that I can help. Thank you for being you, and thank you for allowing me to help.   


Common Problems I've Heard (and helped) from People Just Like You...

  • "I cannot sit for more than 20 minutes at a time because of this golf ball feeling near my genitals, and all I want to do is take my girlfriend to the movies. I just can't with this sitting pain."

  • "I've been suffering from IBS, vulvodynia, fibromyalgia, low back pain, urinary urgency since I was a teenager.  I've never had a normal life and I'm losing hope that I will."

  • "I haven't been able to have sex since giving birth to my last child over a year ago. It's just too painful.  It's affecting my marriage and everything in my life.  Is dyspareunia permanent?"

  • "I avoid seeing any clinicians as much as possible--they assume because of how I look, that I am heterosexual and live the typical binary lifestyle.  It makes me feel untrusting and unable to truly discuss my health concerns."

  • "I am having a gender affirmation surgery and I want to make sure that my pelvic floor is healthy before and after surgery for the best results.  I've been waiting my whole life for this and just want to feel healthy."

  • "I was sexually abused as a kid and teenager and any time I try to be intimate with a partner, I have burning and numbness from my waist down."

  • "Providers don't take me seriously because I'm trans. I feel like they just try to get me out the door as quickly as possible."

  • "I've been having pain with orgasm and even hours after sex.  I am polyamorous and feel embarrassed saying so because I'm worried I will be judged."

  • "I've been leaking urine and sometimes feces when I cough, sneeze, or step off a curb for years! But I had 4 kids so I guess that's just normal."

  • "I had no idea that there was any help for my rectal pain and chronic constipation besides medication and surgeries.  No one has ever explained this to me."

  • "My spouse passed away years ago but I would like to be intimate with someone again.  Do you think I will be able to? Or am I too old?"

  • "I have had 2 spine surgeries, nerve ablations, laser therapy, am taking anti-depressants, nerve medication and low dose pain medications but nothing seems to help my pelvic pain."

  • "I've had my children over 5 years ago now and still cannot run or do double-unders at my CrossFit gym without leaking urine."  

  • "It always takes me a while to tell providers about my history of abuse and rape because it seems like they just think this pain is all in my head."

  • "I've never had an STI in my life so why does my scrotum and penis hurt?"

  • "I had a radical mastectomy 3 years ago now and have since had ongoing shoulder and neck pain."

Want the GOOD NEWS? There is HELP for ALL of the ABOVE!



Dad Joke Teller. Nat Geo Junkie. Dinner Party Ice Breaker Expert ("No...NOT Public Health...PELVIC Health! Yes...down there.")

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My mission is to serve those who have otherwise felt disregarded, misunderstood, or just feel apprehensive in seeking out medical care of any kind for fear of encountering indifference, discrimination, or worse: complete neglect.  No one deserves to suffer in silence with debilitating problems like persistent pain, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or inability to safely access health and fitness opportunities.   When I say I'm on a mission, I am on a mission! I will give it my all to get you moving and enjoying life exactly how you want to enjoy it.  You deserve it. You belong here.


My approach is to empower you to take back your life, your body, your pride.  I will help you manage your health alongside other providers, and/or assist in finding those clinicians who would help to assure the most comprehensive care plan possible.  I don't work on an island by myself. The more brains, the better!  First and foremost, I will always listen.  Then, I will explain. Then I will listen more. I provide copious amounts of education. The "most heard" feedback I receive from my patients and clients is: "no one has ever explained any of this to me before. Now I get it." 


Oh yeah, and I also use lots of other hands-on skills I've learned in 8 years of schooling (BS from Penn State, DPT from NYU) and 8 more years of post-doc continuing education (and a Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Certificate): manual therapies like thrust manipulation of the spine, IASTM, myofascial decompression (cupping), visceral mobilization, dry needling, internal vaginal and rectal soft tissue mobilization techniques for pelvic floor muscles...and lots of functional exercise prescription. 

Sound good? Let's get to work. You belong here.  





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