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About Me

Learning addict.

Half bleeding heart, half Bulldog.

Science nerd.

Underdog ally.

Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Women's Health/Pelvic Health/LGBTQ+ Health Ace.

Forever athlete.

Written Word Obsessor.


Brené Brown.



My family. 

Strong coffee.

Birds in the AM,

Crickets in the PM.

Baseball on the radio,

Hoops in the driveway.

Where is the best BBQ, bourbon.

Daily tacos.

Laughing until other bodily systems fail.

What keeps me up at night? Knowing that people are suffering and figuring out how best to help.



Customized Content Creation and Management

  • Website content

  • Blogs​

  • Newsletters

  • Info/Education Materials for patients/clients

  • PPT Decks

  • Email/Marketing/Social Media Copy

Special topics

  • Pelvic Health Issues (all genders, all ages)

  • Chronic/Persistent Pain Management

  • Pregnant Peoples' Issues

    • including athletes

  • Sexual Medicine, Sex Education (all genders, all ages)

  • Health Disparities

  • LGBTQ+ Health Topics (Trauma-informed)

  • Health, Wellness, Fitness

    • Fitness athlete
    • *special interest: fitness forward healthcare​

Specialized Writing Skills

  • Scientific/Medical Writing and Editing

    • yes, proper lit reviews with proper citations​

    • expert interviews

  • Technical Writing (Med Tech)

    • Quality Management System docs (Agile)​

    • Proof, edit, revise Engineering docs/charts/diagrams

    • Med device/equipment IFUs, manuals


***YES, inclusive language applies to ALL!***


Many falls leading to some epic stands...pretty much encompasses all of the best things I've experienced in life thus far.  Including surfing in Maui. 

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