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A La Carte Content.
(Cost is Project-Based. Let's talk.)

Do you know EXACTLY whom you want to serve? Were you and your business meant to take a special group of people to the next level of living healthy and well? What a revelation, right?  Now, you have a vital task before you: how do you make sure these special groups find you?  How do you guarantee that YOU/YOUR BUSINESS is the "go-to" for this demographic?  Well, you need to speak to these potential clients so that they hear you loud and clear!  How? I know this is sounding redundant by gotta use the RIGHT WORDS!  Do you know how to find these folks (with your words)?  Do you know what speaks to them and what their goals are? What they're afraid of? What's always kept them away from your services?... Until now...until they see your content (which resonates with them) and are ecstatic to see a business that offers them a safe space to achieve their goals?!  BOOM! Let's make sure each piece of content they see from here on out CONFIRMS just that: 1) they are in the right place and 2) they are most definitely going to tell their community about it too.  A consistent message is key in establishing this trust.  Let me help you get some foundational blogs, marketing emails, ads, and website content in the right place at the right time (and yes..with the right words). 


A La Carte Menu:

  • Market research for your Target Dream clients

  • Website content Review and Revision

  • Blogs 

  • Newsletters

  • Social Media/Ad Copy

  • Client/Patient Info. Sheets and/or Intake Forms

  • Community Strategy for Steady Streams

  • Evidence-based article(s) that back up your awesomeness

  • Email campaigns

  • Staff training in the importance/implementation of using the BEST WORDS  for your BIZ: in all written and verbal communications

  • My tireless passion...ensuring that we nail this project for your business

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