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Be My Consultant.
(This is a retainer-based partnership.  You can relax, I got you.)

You're an established business that is DEDICATED to serving your dream clients.  They NEED you-- heck, their lives may even depend on it.  You need to make sure that you're honoring this trusted relationship with every fabric of your business's being.  Each and every communication platform MUST honor this dream client utopia you've created (or are creating).  You need a partner who is willing to listen to and understand your goals, your voice, your values...and not only come up with customized, engaging, accurate content-- but be a sounding board and idea churner for new ways to speak to your existing and future clients.  Needs evolve.  Let's make sure you and your clients continue to thrive through all the hills and valleys of your business's journey.  

What Might This Look Like for YOUR Business?

  • You getting to sit back a bit, and focus on what you love about running your business

  • Customized, dynamic content that engages, informs, and attracts a steady stream of the people who need you and your business the most 

  • Management/revision of current content platforms to target your dream clients 

  • Customized creation of new content for all platforms based on your business's and clients' needs (content types may include anything from website content, client emails, blogs, newsletters, patient/client intake and information forms, outreach tools, video instruction, social media/ad copy, evidence-based articles, presentation decks, staff training for implementation)

  • ME on your Dream Team: Resident ideator, consultant, content creator and sounding board for all things that reflect your business's INCLUSIVITY goals, values and mission...making you and your business a stalwart of the community

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