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(Cost is Project-Based. Let's talk.)

Are you in love with your content? Did you spend hours curating or even writing it yourself?...Getting it "just- so"...deliberately...right? More importantly, is it working for your business? Are you seeing your dream clients walk through the door day after day? If so, congrats! That is awesome! I know first-hand what a labor of love it can be to get your website, emails, newsletters, client intake/info sheets, social media posts, blogs, etc., looking shiny and irresistible!  Still...are you worried that perhaps you could be excluding some folks? Does your language attract some, but unknowingly repel others? Have you laid down the ol' welcome mat for the people you're hoping to reach most? Does it reflect you and your business's values and approach? Maybe you just need a once or twice-over on the awesome treasure trove of content you already have to ensure you're reeling in an endless supply of amazing clients.  A few language changes here...a couple of engagement strategies there...all while respecting exactly what your Brand stands for.   Sound good? Let's freshen up! 

What Might a Makeover Look Like? 

For your Existing Content, let's:

  • Tighten it up.  Ex., revamp your wording, enhance your strategy, ensure your clients are hearing your call

  • Let's back up.  Do you have the right content on the right platforms for your particular dream clients? Maybe we need to switch it around a bit. 

  • Review and Revise all content for uniformity/target dream clients

  • Review and revise for accuracy, inclusivity

  • Clarify CTA (Call to Action) across all platforms

  • Add customized pieces where necessary

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