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My Approach

I approach everything I'm passionate about like I approached "training for the Olympics" in the second grade.  I wasn't allowed to use my dad's dumbbells yet, but I did sneak them under my bed so that after I was tucked in and the lights were're damn right...I rolled 'em out from under monster territory and churned out a few sets each and every night.  My will is strong!  

And another thing.  I work with good people who do the right thing when no one is looking...for folks who truly care about others and about making life better for others.  No BS, no fake DE&I "initiatives" with zero follow-throughs on ACTION, no chest-puffing, no ego-driven saviorism.  I want to be there for you and for your business (a.k.a., your clients!). 

I want the absolute best for both. 

You can expect the Golden Rule even on my worst days, gushing admiration for what you do, clear and constant communication...and plenty of dad jokes (sorry, I really cannot help this, I've tried).   I want to be your partner.  I want to learn from you and hopefully vice-versa.  I want to see what you see and climb alongside whatever peak lies before you.  I'm not a generic contractor you'll never meet.  I'm your teammate. 

Let's get to work!   

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