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Do it for Me.
(This is a retainer-based partnership.  You can relax, I got you.)

I know WHOM I want to attract (or maybe I'm still working on this).  I certainly know that I do NOT want to offend or repel any potential clients who have been otherwise left behind.  I'm here to help and I'm awesome at what I do.  But gosh, I hate the writing stuff!  I need content, I need it to speak to my people, and I need it to reflect my Brand.  Let me share my goals and hire you to do the rest as my business's and clients' needs evolve. 

What Might This Look Like?

  • First and foremost, this looks like you, 279 steps closer to taking a much-deserved vacation.  Yup. Without worrying about where your next clients will be coming from. 

  • Yes, this is largely a DFY service...HOWEVER...I need you too!  I need you to dream big, share your short and long-term goals with me, the values of your business, what you want your business to stand for in your community--and also when these goals and dreams change (because they will!)...and I will be your #1 sponge, absorbing every detail so that I can put those dreams and goals into the words that will bring you an endless stream of your dream clients. 

  • Practically, an example of this relationship looks like:

    • Strategizing with you/your team based on your business goals, values, mission​

    • Content creation/management for your website, blogs, emails, newsletters, articles, client/patient forms, presentations, info videos...basically, whatever means of communication that best serves your clients

    • Open and constant communication between me and you/your team to ensure that we are on top of your clients' evolving needs

    • You getting to relax.  Focus on doing the parts you love. I've got this part. 

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